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Moti Yanuka
Founder, holds a PhD from the university of Guelph Ontario in computational physics and image analysis. For 8 years Moti Yanuka was the chief computer vision technologist at Camtek (www.camtek.co.il ) and for 5 years was an R&D manager at Franztech (in medical imaging applications). Moti Yanuka main expertise are in image processing and understanding at real time environment and embedded and vision systems architecture

Yitzhak Yanuka
Senior ASIC and FPGA Designer, holds a BSC from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem in physics and mathematics and from Ben-Gurion university in electrical engineering. For 27 years Yitzhak Yanuka practiced vision and network technologist at ELCINT (medical imaging applications) IRI & EL-OP (vision) TERA-CHIP (network).) Yitzhak Yanuka main expertise is in image processing and high-speed network applications.

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